Classical Ballet (Borovansky)

Classical ballet provides the postural control, strength and co-ordination required for all dance styles.  Students trained in classical technique progress with far greater ease in jazz & other dance styles.  Ballet also instils discipline, deportment skills and respect for teachers and fellow students.


Fun and fast moving, jazz combines popular music with choreography inspired by video clips and recent release music. This style usually starts with an aerobic warm-up then works on flexibility, isolations, co-ordination, turning and travelling skills. We study the Asia Pacific Dance Association (JazzAddict) syllabus, an exciting and theatrical style of jazz that incorporates musical theatre, lyrical routines and encourages students to build on their choreographic techniques.


Fun and aerobic, tap has co-ordination and musicality challenges. This is a technique class that starts with simple steps and travelling patterns then build up to more complex rhythms. Our syllabus is one of the most modern techniques available to students and is endorsed by Dein Perry from the Tap Dogs. Glenn Wood Tap takes students from beginner level one to advanced level nine and teaching levels.


Contemporary dance is movement using the body's natural lines and energy, allowing a greater range and fluidity of movement than conventional dance techniques.

NEW Pre-School Program – "Dainty Dancers"

After 12 years teaching pre-school children the love of movement and dance, Deanne Fordham has written and devised a dance program specifically designed for 3-4 year olds. "Dainty Dancers" instils basic ballet and jazz technique as well as promoting group interaction, working in formations, directional and spatial awareness, partner work and improvisation.

Working with props such as scarves, tambourines and wands also allows freedom of movement and appreciation of classical & modern music.

Musical Theatre is a new component of the program as students work on different characters  within a dance routine.

The newly promoted program spans over 2 years if starting at 3 years old and 12 months if starting at 4 years old. Each term works on new skills and technique keeping young minds challenged, engaged and completely entertained.

"Dainty Dancers' is devised to have our pre-school students fully prepared to graduate into our 5-6 year old syllabus grades. An easy transition into optional exam lessons.

And lastly, the program also sees our students work on presentation and stage skills as they have the option to participate in our end of year production with the rest of the students at Deanne Fordham School of Dance.

Tiny Tots – 5-6 years

Our Tiny Tots program is a combination class of ballet, jazz and tap and introduces our students to music and dance appreciation.

This class develops co-ordination and lays a strong foundation of ballet, jazz and tap technique.

It is a syllabus class so our young students have the option to particiapte in their very first (jazz) exam. A true highlight of the year! Another highlight is having the option to participate in our large end of year production.

Primary Ballet – 5-6 years

The first step to your childs dream of becoming a prima ballerina. This syllabus class instills proper ballet technique for young, growing bodies and prepares students for a successful transition to higher ballet levels and other genres. Examinations are optional as is our end of year production.

Hip Hop

For ages 7-18. Hip Hop uses isolations, popping and free styled movement. These upbeat urban dance classes are great fun and will develop technique and self confidence for boys and girls. Boys only classes also available. Students have the option to participate in exams through the Asia Pacific Dance Association (Urban Ignition Hip Hop).

Singing - Private Lessons only

Private singing lessons with a professional singing instructor. We can prepare you for auditions, performance technique and performance and recording opportunities.

Adult Classes (Ballet/Contemporary, Jazz/Hip Hop & Tap)

For the adult wishing to improve fitness, increase muscle tone, increase core strength and learn dance techniques that adult classes have to offer. For beginner to intermediate levels.

Acrobatics (Acro)

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of learning a new skill and Acro classes will increase student’s strength and flexibility.  These classes will include beginner to advanced training systems and increase their tumbling and gymnastic floor skills to include a vast array of tricks and skills.

Private Lessons are available in all styles and dance genres. Please call/email to discuss availability.