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"......I really appreciate what you do for them eg, tv performances, teacher workshops, US trips, comps. It wouldn't make any difference to the school if you just sat back but you don't. You have given the girls so many experiences that they would never have had anywhere else. I know talking to the other mums that they all feel the same. Often we just don't get the chance to say it. I tell anyone who will listen that Tamsyn had given up dancing for good but I had heard good reports about you so I thought why not give dancing another try. Amazing work." Parent: J.Hazel


"I just wanted to says an enormous thank you for another happy year of dancing for my Ruby! Without sounding slightly biased, she looked so good on that stage today. The confidence she has gained is just as important to us as the actual dancing and that's why we think you are amazing!

Thanks for your kindness, patience and care throughout the year! Ruby loves it more and more every year!

And the concert, wow! Well done, it was a tribute to you and the skills you share with all of those girls." Parent: J.Bird

"......The other thing I'd like to say is thank you. Thank you for inspiring me to do what I love. At your school I have grown to love the art of movement and emotion, power and strength but most of all inspiration and being inspirational. Dance has taught me so many life lessons on how to work together with people I either know thoroughly or only met a few minutes ago. Dance gave me... the strength to be confident and feel self-loved in every way possible. Dance helped me travel and see the world, embracing more and more characteristics of me that I never knew I had. Dance helped me find out who I am and what I stand for. Dance helped me to rise above it all. Dance helped me to study and get through the day of school. Dance helped me to feel power, and control it. Dance helped me to embrace everything I am. Dance helped me to be me. There are so many life lessons I will always take on and never forget that dance taught me. That you taught me. Please never forget this as I know I never will. Dance is inspirational and loving to those who want it and need it and stay within our soles forevermore. Thank you Miss Deanne for giving me a reason to smile, to have discipline and gratitude in those times of need and want. Miss Deanne, you and your school both have made me the luckiest and cheeriest girl in the world. Thank you for a life changer tool, that I will love forever.
Never forget this " Student: Danielle Apidopoulos